Hoeferlin Library

About the Hoeferlin Library

Shelved at the Trail Conference office, the library includes more than 1200 titles on subjects relating to hiking, backpacking, trails, and nature. The focus is on the Northeast, but there are hiking guides for locations across the country and globe. The library is for the use of Trail Conference MEMBERS only and can be browsed whenever the office is open (typically standard business hours).

To check whether a book has been entered into our library catalogue, simply type the title, author, or subject (example, "Appalachian Trail") into the search field below and hit Search. If a match is displayed, then the book is in our collection. You can learn more about the book and purchase it from a third party by clicking on the links displayed.

Borrowing Guidelines

  1. Books or videos may be borrowed for two weeks.
  2. Only two books or videos may be borrowed at one time.
  3. Lost book/lost video charge: Current cost of book/video replacement, plus $10.00.
  4. Books/videos may be requested by mail and will be shipped UPS. Call the office (201.512.9348) to confim that we have a book and to make arrangements to borrow it.
  5. Books/videos may be returned by UPS, by insured mail, or by bringing them back to the office.

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